An effective Vision Board is much more than simply gluing photos and words onto a poster board. The ultimate purpose of a Vision Board is to help define the things you want in your life, and set clear goals with intention and discipline eventually make them a reality. Through pictures, phrases, words, and sentences a person visualizes and affirms their intentions and dreams.

Vision Boards includes areas of personal and professional growth such as:  

Relationship, Career, Finances, Travel, Health and Home

With each Vision Board Workshop, I provide a space that encourages my clients to visualize their goals, dreams, as well as things that brings them joy and happiness.


  • Time and a space to visualize your goals.
  • Guidance to help with what you need.
  • Positive energy and support.
  • Tools to create a road map of your vision for your life.
  • All the supplies and materials needed to create a powerful board.
  • Your personalized Vision Board, customized with your dreams.

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Manifest Your Dreams & Create The Life You Want!

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